In today's world, language shouldn't be the barrier for you to perform business activities. Alephlanguages aids in overcoming all sorts of translational barriers independent of which medical industry your business includes.


Your Trusted Professional Translation Agency

Aleph Languages (AL) is a GDPR compliant translation solution provider. At AL, the foremost priority is the privacy and protection of your data and then to cater the needs of our clients with accuracy and diligence.

High Quality Translations

AL provides human and AI-assisted translation solutions with ultimate accuracy and precision in various domains.

In-Time Delivery

AL understands the urgency of their client’s work. We have the ability to provide around 2100 words within 24 hours with non-urgent requests and for urgent work we have been proven efficient.

Data Privacy and Protection

AL is EU GDPR compliant and handles their client’s data and information with ultra-confidentiality policies and procedures.